Details About Our Plans

Our entire vegetable subscription season goes from mid-June until mid October


Summer Bounty  


This plan begins in mid- June, (or earlier, if the weather allows) until mid October. You get a whole summer's worth of vegetables, like lettuce, radishes, chard and kale, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, onions, cucumbers, squash, carrots, potatoes, winter squash and much more.

Click here to see a list of the fruits and vegetables we grow.


  • Enough for a family with children who enjoy vegetables and eat 3-4 meals at home each week, or people who are vegans
  • A seasonal variety of about 8 to 10 (sometimes 12!) different vegetables each week. Portions begin small, beginning with early season greens, radishes, and early carrots, but grow to a bounty by summer's peak
  • Average cost $33.00/week
  • Choose your pickup day: Mon. or Tues. 2 to 7pm
  • A 50% deposit is required at sign up
  • Full payment preferred by May 1 to help with our early planting costs
  • Enrollments accepted until all memberships are filled
  • To make it affordable, we are willing to work out a
    monthly payment plan. Please ask!


Summer Bounty Select-A-Week

$525 14-Weeks

$375 10-Weeks


Choose the number of weeks you'd like to come to the farm and exactly which weeks you want to come. We don't mind which weeks you choose, it will be different for everyone. You design the program that works for you! 

Click here to see a list of the fruits and vegetables we grow.


Click here for payment options


All summer long, we have options for you to get locally grown, fresh vegetables from the farm -- when you want them!


Here are a couple of ideas of how some of our options work:


  • A single person or couple eats out frequently but wants to cook and eat fresh vegetables at home, two, or three times a week. Our weekly share would be too much food, and besides, they are too busy to come every week. So they opt for the 10-Week Plan, and decide to pick up every other week. Now, they get to enjoy the full range of seasonal eating.
  • Another family is not that interested in the early spring vegetables, but they love tomatoes and all of the vegetables that come later in the season. This family purchases a 14-week plan, and informs us they will start picking up after their vacation over July 4th. They opt to start their shares on July 8. Now they have 17 weeks left, with three additional weeks of flexibility built in. Maybe they're taking another vacation later in the summer. Then, they stop for a couple of weeks while the kids are getting settled back into the school routines. But they want to get some winter squash, potatoes, cabbage and other root storage vegetables, so they let us know they'll be coming back for the last two weeks.


Still not sure if you want to make this kind of commitment? Our 1-, 3- and 5-Week Sampler Plans give you the opportunity to try us out. If you purchase a shorter week option, and then decide to opt in to a longer plan, you can apply what you've already paid toward a new plan.


10 Weeks of Micro Greens

$60 - 10 weeks

You will receive two choices of different Micro Greens each week for 10 weeks anytime during our regular season, mid-June until mid- October. A great add-on to your regular vegetable share. You can let us know which week you'd like to pick them up. 

Some of the different Micro Greens we are planning for the season: Spicy Mix, Arugula, Basil, Red/Purple Mix, Beets, and much more. We will also offer Wheat Grass grown with Heritage Hard Red Wheat seed grown right here on our farm!


Sampler Plans

$2005 weeks

$1203 weeks

$40 -  Try us for 1 week! At any time during the summer, simply give us 24 hours notice, (Call (978) 804-9736) and then pay directly at the farm by cash or check! If you decide to opt in for more weeks, we will apply your payment to one of our longer options!


We need your cooperation so we can prepare your share.

Summer Bounty members, please specify which day you'll pick up (Monday or Tuesday.) Select A Week members, please email us with a list of dates you will be picking up. 
We'll take care of the rest!


As always, we understand there are times when you cannot make it here during our regular pickup hours. We ask that you call or email us no later than the day before your scheduled pickup day to make arrangements for pick up.


If you do not call or email us, and you miss a week that you have scheduled, we will count this as one of your weeks, and you will forfeit that week's share. This will not happen as long as you communicate with us!

Choose which Select-A-Week option works best for you and your family!

Click here for pricing and payment options

 for our plans:

  • Summer Bounty
  • Summer Bounty Select-A-Week 14-Weeks
  • Summer Bounty Select-A-Week 10-Week
  • 5-Week Sampler
  • 3-Week Sampler
  • 1-Week Sampler
  • Flower Share

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