Composting Program

In the last 100 years, the U.S. has lost 50 percent of it's topsoil due to poor farming practices like monoculture, excessive chemical fertilizer application, development, and erosion.  That's 30 percent faster than the rate that healthy soil naturally regenerates! In America, 40 percent of our food goes to the landfill.


Why Compost is so important:

Nutrients and minerals in the soil are depleted when growing food. After the food is enjoyed, any plant matter or scraps left over are turned into nutrient rich compost. This compost will then be used to replenish the soil for the next years growing season. This creates a sustainable way to complete the food cycle.

Last spring, we met the crew from Black Earth Compost, who invited us to take part in their Farm Works program. Since last summer we have been a host farm for one of their composting operations. This year we will be selling produce to some local restaurants where Black Earth picks up food scraps, thus completing our part of the food to table to food cycle.


Do your part toward a more sustainable world and participate in our farm’s composting program.  It’s so easy!  With your share, you get a five-gallon bucket and lid in which to collect vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, and more.  Bring it to the farm when you pick up your share and exchange it for a clean bucket. We’ll provide a list of compostables.


What can I compost?

All vegetable peels and scraps

egg shells

coffee grounds and filters

tea bags

meat scraps and bones




plant material


What should not be put in the compost?


paper, plastic, metal

pet waste